Printed Walls

If you feel like your décor could do with a refresh, a Wall Murals, Photo Wallpapers or Stretch wall are ideal!  You can print almost anything you want on our materials! Simply forward us all the necessary information and we’ll do the rest. The choice is extremely wide.

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Turn your fantasy into stylish home décor with our wall murals! Your special Prints will last forever when transformed into chic wall art that is perfect for the home or office!
Favorite Design offers a large scale of wall murals and photo wallpaper. Change the look and feel of a room without the hassle of traditional wallpaper! Our wall murals are the perfect solution to easily enhance any space! Choose from millions of images to create a unique wall mural.

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Personalize Your Kitchen Splashback

Custom Kitchen Splashbacks

Among a wide variety of kitchen walls decoration, one of the most interesting and practical is skinali. In the kitchen skinali can be used as a splash back.
A photo image placed on the glass can transform a kitchen. Close-up pictures of flowers, fruit, coffee beans etc. will add coziness and comfort. And nature and cities images will visually widen your room.

Besides that skinali:

  • Glass, unlike tile, paint or wood, easily wash oil droplets and other contaminants that may arise during cooking.
  • Are hygienic – easy to take care of;
  • Are resistant to humidity.


Wide range of high-quality materials,
professional implementation of projects in the shortest possible time

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