C eilings and walls are integral parts of space design, their location color and shape is extremely important in achieving maximal comfort and visual harmony in the overall design of the house/apartment. Yet, their design is often overlooked.

A stretched ceiling is a canvas of non-flammable material, which is fixed by heat around the room perimeter by a special system of profiles.

Each stretched ceiling is custom made, according to the desired properties. Using an elastic material provides:

  • the ability to play with light, color and texture.
  • excellent surface quality
  • perfect flatness
  • smoothness
  • perfect uniformity
  • if desired, a stunning mirror-effect
  • top coated glossiness
Combined Living room Stretch Ceilings Favorite Design

Surface Structures

The stretched ceilings are made of polyvinyl chloride film (PVC) or polyester fabric.
A fabric stretch ceiling is made of polyester, soaked with polyurethane.
During the production of these ceilings, they are painted through the entire thickness of the material.
The palette contains more than 150 colors.

Gloss ceilings differ by the mirror effect. The mirror surface is able to visually increase the room and ceiling height. For this reason, glossy stretch ceiling is often put in hallways, small rooms, bathrooms and indoor pools, as well as in any small size room which is poorly lit.

After installation, the room appears much brighter and spacious. Imagine how lighter it becomes in a room with north facing window!

Glossy ceilings are a stylish solution for any space. They come in the widest range of colors and shades!

Glossy ceilings fit perfectly into the interior of any style: from classic till high-tech. And the combination of colors plays a big role. These ceilings will retain their luster and shine for 25 years or more, without requiring any special repair and maintenance.

At a casual glance it can be confused with a simple white ceiling. Matte ceilings are scabrous to the touch and don’t shine. Matte ceilings are – the so – called classical style of design.

Although, due to a slightly rough texture, matte stretch ceiling visually resembles a perfectly flat surface plaster, it has a number of advantages.

The wide color selection of matte stretch ceiling can be used for a variety of rooms, regardless of the style of the interior, from classic to modern. A matte ceiling creates an appropriate background for antiques, exclusive furniture and paintings.

In the living room, where there are no bright elements and contrast details, the matte ceiling contributes to a perfect clean look.

In bedrooms a perfectly smooth texture with a soft pastel shade creates an atmosphere of relaxation, tranquility, and comfort.

Seamless matte ceilings are not susceptible to low sub-zero temperatures and therefore can be installed in the garage or in the glazed veranda. Another advantage of the matte ceiling is it’s resistance to sunlight, which extends its application.

Satin stretch ceilings are very similar to the matte material, with the addition of reflections and a smooth surface. This special micro-relief surface ceiling produces a mother of pearl effect giving this type of ceiling a unique advantage. On the other hand a perfectly smooth ceiling with satin surface, shimmering soft silky shine, gives a special charm to any interior, giving a sense of calm and harmony.

Since, this type of material has up to 20% percent of reflectance, only the outlines of the surrounding objects rather than their mirror images are seen. White matte satin ceilings look like regular white ceilings, while the colored material looks like tissue. In short, satin stretch ceilings are ideal for fans of classical style, who don’t mind experimenting.

Additionally, images can be applied by printing.

With the use of digital printing it’s possible to get any image from almost 100 million options, from fine lines to full paintings of Rembrandt and Da Vinci, even family photos.The only limit is our imagination.

With printed ceilings, the possibilities of decoration become infinite. The images printed on material help to create a truly unique atmosphere.

The impression can be made on matte, sateen and translucent textures.

Our skilled designers will make your image or logo appropriate for printing  according to your wishes. It will decorate your interior for years.

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When the multi-level system is not possible to install, then spatial problems can be solved by using a combination of colors or textures.

Mixed version of the design ceiling emphasizes the unique style in the interior, thanks to the combination of different materials, textures and colors.
Especially good to divide the space by installing of stretch ceilings, defining the kitchen area, living or dining room and so on.
Different PVC films are welded together straight or curved. Sometimes separation aluminum profiles applied.

How does it work?

Thanks to a unique concept, the installation of the Favorite Design stretch ceilings is simple, fast and clean.

Step by Step Project Guide


Some advantages here

Endurance and Moisture resistance

The stretch ceiling systems can withstand loads of up to 100 kg / sq. m. and is not affected by house shrinkage. Many other types of ceilings under this load crack and deform. They are 100% waterproof. Stretch ceilings are ideal for rooms with high humidity (bathrooms, kitchens etc.). They don’t emit any moisture, plus they don’t have condensation.

Fire safety

The stretching fabric prevents the spread of fire (doesn’t support combustion in the absence of fire) and has a low smoke generation capacity. IMPORTANT! With no doubt high-strength ceilings are afraid of contact with sharp objects.
Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly

Although artificial materials are used in their production, stretch ceilings are environmentally safe are installed in many hospitals in Europe. They don’t absorb or emit odor. The typical “Fragrance” disappears a few days (or even hours) after installation.


The service life of stretch ceilings is measured in decades. It will last for many years with minimal care and look as if you installed it yesterday. The warranty period is on average 10-15 years.
Easy to clean

Easy to clean

Stretch ceiling canvas is anti-static, does not attract/ accumulate dust. Fried water/condensate doesn’t leave any marks on it. To clean a stretched ceiling you can wipe it with a soft cloth, dry or moistened in soapy water.
Stretch ceilings soundproofing


Stretched canvases have good sound insulation, so the installation of stretch ceilings is in itself capable to reduce some of the noise from the neighbors above. For the best result, sound-proof material should be used, and the ceiling should be lowered by several centimeters.
Time-saving installation

Time-saving installation

One room installation, depending on its size and the complexity of the chosen stretch ceiling, take a few hours. Much faster than usual renovation!

Technical issues

With stretch fabric it is easy to hide defects in the base ceiling as well as all kinds of wires, ventilation, alarms etc.
Resistance to sunlight

Resistance to sunlight

Qualitative ceilings do not fade even under direct sunlight.

Think through design

Remember, when choosing a stretch ceiling it is necessary to think of the many nuances.
Pay particular attention to the color and texture of the stretch ceiling fabric.
If you decide to choose a colored ceiling, select the color matching your interior.

The ceiling must be compatible with the overall style of the decor.


Wide range of high-quality materials,
professional implementation of projects in the shortest possible time